Snare Series 1980-2000

On this page you’ll find Sonor drums produced in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Not all drums can be dated exactly, but a type of badge, finish, hardware etc. can put a drum in a certain timeframe. Since some drums were produced for several years, sometimes with an “era-overlap”, I’ll place them where I think they’ll fit best.

Sonor HLD590 Bell Bronze 14″x 8″ – 12 Lugs – All Hardware Copper-plated – Weight +/- 15 kg.

Sonor HLD593 Bell Bronze 14″x 4″ – 12 Lugs – All Hardware Copper-plated – Weight +/- 9 kg.

Sonor Signature HLD580 EB – 10 Lugs – Makassar Ebony Finish

Sonor Delite 14″x 4″ Ice sparkle – 10 Lugs

Sonor Artist Snare AS 07 1205 AD – 8 Lugs

Sonor Snare Artist AS 12 1305 EA SDW Earth Finish – 8 Lugs

Sonor D420 Pancake

Sonor Jungle Drum