Bob sets / Jazz sets

These sets are characterised by their small sizes.
Mostly bass 18″- Tom 12″ – Floortom 14″.
Bob sets from the 60ties, 70ties and 80ties are hard to find because in those days most drummers wanted big sizes to play their rock music.

SonorLite set in Maserbirke 18″- 12″- 14″ floortom. 

The Sonorlite is made of 9 layers, 6mm. Finnish birch wood

105 Sonor Phonic Rosewood 18-12-14

Sonor set Signature Makassar ebony 18-10-14

Sonor bob set teardrop 18-13-16 Pink . This is no real bob set but in the teardrop series a 18″ bass drum is véry rare. That’s why I display it here.

Sonor set smokey acrylic 18 -12 -14 floortom
Acrylic is very fragile and will crack quite easily if not handled with care.

Sonor Swinger wit 18-12-14 + Snare D453 14×5 same finish Sept. 1978