Snare Series 1970-1979

On this page you’ll find Sonor drums produced in the 1970’s. Not all drums can be dated exactly, but a type of badge, finish, hardware etc. can put a drum in a certain timeframe. Since some drums were produced for several years, sometimes with an “era-overlap”, I’ll place them where I think they’ll fit best.

Sonor Snare D440 Metal – 1970’s

Sonor Snare D440 Metal With Strainer As On D454 – 1970’s

Sonor Snare D453 Metal, Imperial Lugs 1970’s
This snare is combined with the Medley and Ranger sets in a 1978 leaflet.

Sonor Snare D453 Medley Imp Lugs Brushed Gold – 1970’s

Sonor Snare D453 Medley Imp Lugs Brushed Silver – 1978

Sonor Acrylic Snare Blue – 1970’s

Sonor Snare D454 14×5 – 1975

Sonor Snare D556 14×6,5 – 1970’s

Sonor Snare D555 14×5 – 1976

Sonor Snare D506 Phonic 14×6.5 – 1970’s

Sonor Snare D505 Phonic 14×5.75 – 1970’s