Sonor logo’s & badges 60ties

Early 60ties Sonor switched to the beater logo ( “Klöppellogo)
2 stylized drumsticks became the new logo.
This logo was used for about 3 years so drums with this logo are not that common.

Sonor D421 super extra.

Square badge:
The oldest square badge logo that’s known for now is on a drumset with datestamp 301, Januari 1963.
For a long period we though that this logo only appeared end 1964, till I found a unmodified drumset with square badge and datestamp 301, so a reliable source.
The shaft of the beaters of this early square badge go up to the edge of the badge . Badge is aluminum with logo stamped on .

Sonor teardrop bass drum Januari 1963

Later square badge have beaters that stop 2 mm. from the edge of the badge.
Two types:
1: “Polished” aluminum, with logo stamped on. (top pic.)
2: Chromed, with logo stamped in. (pic 2&3)
There are also badges with and without the text “Made in Germany ”

Logo stamped in (chromed badge).

Early logo stamped on (aluminum badge).

In the early sixties there could be, occasionally, an additional little tag on the drum which says: made in Western Germany.

Later on this tag transformed to this one.