Early logos & badges

Sonor pré 1907 logos & badges:
There are 2 types of logos known before 1907.
The first is the Erste Trommelfabrik Weissenfels.
The second is Trommelfabrik Weissenfels A/S (an der Saale, which is a river)

Triangel logo:
In 1907 Sonor patented the triangel logo that was in use up to the 50ties.
There are a few variations.
The imprint (stamp) in the metal shell with different size and lettertype. A badge that’s fitted with little nails on wooden shells aswell on metal shells.

Application Sonor triangel patent 1907
Sonor logo script D430 chrom 1957-58
Sonor triangel logo on Perceo2
Sonor triangel logo in Chrome shell 1936 – 37
Sonor logo triangel black /brass on pré WW2 marching drum.
Sonor triangel logo black/brass on Virtuos no 110 1952

Sonor Extra logo:
The logo from the Sonor extra snare 1936-1951 was put on the strainer.

Sonor Extra snare, logo on strainer 1936-1951
Sonor Extra snare, logo on strainer 1936-1951

Olive branche logo:
After WW2 when Sonor moved to Aue, Bad Berleburg in Western Germany,
they changed their logo into what we mostly call the Olive or Olive branche logo.

For a long time we thought that this logo was invented before WW2, but after I found several pré WW2 catalogs and some early 50ties ones it became clear that this was used after WW2.
It was only used for a very short time, from 1952 till early1953.
There are 2 different logos.
1: with black border
2: With brown border

Sonor snare Super Extra ll no. 113 olive badge 1952

Red painted “swirl” script logo:
Next logo is very very rare and can only be found on the back of the 1952 catalog. It’s the precursor of the well known red script log.
It’s painted on the shell with red paint.
As far as I know I’m the only one that has a few drums with this logo.
A snare a tom and a floortom, all in wmp.
Also on a few bassdrum calf heads which appear a little more often.
I named it red “swirl” script logo, as there was no name for it.

Sonor model Tonika 109 1952

Painted script logo:
The logo that developed from the swirl script logo is the well known red Sonor script logo.
It also came in black and yellow, depending on the color of the finish.
This was also used just for a short period, 1953-1954.

Sonor D422 super extra

Metal script logo:
The same script logo but now in metal came in 1954/’55 and stayed till 1959.

Sonor D422 super extra

Sonor introduced this logo again with the “new vintage series”.

Triangel logo with script text:
A variation on the triangel logo that came after WW2 and stayed untill +/- 1956 had the word Sonor in script text written.

Sonor landsknecht Trommel, mid 50tie
Sonor triangel script logo on a D430 chrom 1957-58
Sonor D430 chrom 1957-58